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Functions & Responsibilities

Functions & Responsibilities
Office Duties
Civil Service Ethics Office
  1. Matters pertaining to publication and communication of government ethics regulations.
  2. Preventing and uncovering corruptions of public servants, as well as investigating reports of improprieties.
  3. Providing recommendation on the improvement of civil ethics.
  4. Protection of official confidential information.
  5. Other matters pertaining to civil ethics.
General Affairs Office Matters pertaining to general administrative management, legal affairs, appeal, state compensation, information service, research and evaluation, documentation affairs, receiving and sending official documents, stamping and sealing documents, affairs management, procurement, archives and information management, integrated designing and planning, meeting of township affairs, safety maintenance of office facilities, assisting housing construction, civic service, and other matters for which all units are not responsible.
Accounting and Statistics Office
  1. To compile and review the budgets and financial statement of the township office.
  2. To implement the budget and to audit the cases of financial incomes and expenditures.
  3. To compile and investigate the statistics of the township office.
  4. To co-approval the bills and cases of financial incomes and expenditures.
Personnel Office
  1. Matters pertaining to the staffing plan and the proposal of appointment, removal, transfer, and promotion.
  2. Matters pertaining to the performance evaluations, rewards, punishments, and service of the township office.
  3. Matters pertaining to the retirement, compensation, insurance, and welfare of the staff of the township office.
  4. Other personnel-related matters.
Social Affairs Section Matters pertaining to general social affairs, social welfare, social aid, social insurance, social subsidy, community development, administrations of labor, education, physical education, and culture, accommodation for the elders, disadvantages, and childless people, and national pension.
Agriculture and Economic Development Section Matters pertaining to promotion and production of agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry, food management, veterinary service, ecological conservation, agricultural marketing and field survey, soil and water conservation, vendors management, public business, fair trade, consumer protection, tourism, business service, business registration, image planning for business districts, commodity survey, etc.
Finance Section Matters pertaining to financial affairs, public property, paying and receiving cash, and assisting tax collections.
Civil Affairs Section Matters pertaining to general civic administration, autonomous administration, mediation administration, civil servant elections, military service administration, land registration and administration, religions and customs, public productive enterprises, burial and cemetery management, environmental sanitation, aboriginal lives improvement, and civil defense assistance.
Construction Section Matters pertaining to construction management, civil engineering, urban planning, rainwater and sewage sewer construction, public facilities, transportation, water conservancy, zone expropriation, simple water supply and small drainage facilities, investigations and disposal of unapproved constructions.
Cleaning Unit
  1. Matters pertaining to the removal, collection, and disposal of refuse.
  2. To clean passages and ditches.
  3. Waste disposal.
  4. Matters pertaining to garbage sorting and recycling.
  5. Matters pertaining to environmental sanitation and removing and disinfecting the breeding source of dengue fever vector mosquitoes.
  6. Matters pertaining to investigating and suspending abandoned vehicles.
  7. To capture stray dogs and cats.
  8. Matters pertaining to investigating and removing illegal posting and painting ads.
  9. Matters pertaining to the inspection and maintenance of garbage trucks.
  10. Matters pertaining to management, supervision, examination, and evaluation of cleaning unit.
  1. Library circulation.
  2. Newspapers and periodicals lending service.
  3. Reference and consulting service.
  4. Local literature, lore, and information collection.
  5. Organize, preserve, utilize, and collect books.
  6. Organize book exchange events regularly. (Second floor desk)
  7. Implementation of promotion events.
  8. Automatic book inquiries.
  9. To promote and educate civics on using libraries.
Tourism, Arts and Community Empowerment Management
  1. Plan and develop tourism policies.
  2. Plan and develop the arts and cultural resources.
  3. Plan and develop community empowerment projects.
  4. Matters pertaining to Civic organizations.
Parks and Street Lights Office
  1. Horticulture Division: to plan, design, survey, establish, and maintain parks green area, public square, street trees, and playground equipment; and to assist the private entity in investing and managing the park establishment.
  2. Street Lights Division: to plan, design, maintain, survey, install, examine, settle, and improve street lights, lighting equipment, and electrical/plumbing construction.
Mortuary Services Office
  1. To collect registration fees. Without applicable decree, one shall not abuse one’s authority for charging extra fees.
  2. To register any service provided in registration books for reference and arrange periodic audits.
  3. To arrange the price list for funeral ceremonies and announce after being approved by the township council.
  4. To maintain the confidentiality of the construction and archives.
  5. To prevent funerary service providers from charging excessive extra by carrying out detailed evaluations and supervisions.