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Geography of Huwei Township Office, Yunlin County

        Huwei Township is located in the center of Yunlin County, on the alluvial fan of the Zhuoshui River. The terrain of the township mostly consists of flat lands, though a bit higher on the east side, with an elevation of about 49 meters above sea level. The new and old Huwei Rivers flow through the township’s north and south borders, respectively, while the Zhuoshui River main branch of the Jianan Canal runs right through the township. At the south side, Huwei Township neighbors Dounan and Dabi, which lie right across the Huwei River (also known as Beigang River); at the north side, the township is connected to the new Huwei River, neighboring Xiluo, Erlun and Lunbei. Huwei Township is also close to Citong on the East and Tuku on the west. The average elevation of the area is about 30 meters above sea level. Though mostly consisting of flat lands, the area is also dotted with sand dunes, such as Shanzijiao near Shanwei, and the Dalunjiao Park located downtown, which is why we can find locations aptly named Dingxi, Zhongxi, and Xiaxi (meaning "top of the river", "mid-River" and "lower part of the river", respectively) in the township. The township is around 13.5 kilometers wide and six kilometers long, shaped a bit like a rectangle. The total area is 6,874 hectares. It is comprised of 29 villages and 524 neighborhoods, and the center of the town is located at 120〫2’6’’E, 23〫4’5’’N.